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Advancing, Equity, Justice, and Frontline Community Self-Determination and Leadership

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"Do the work that fires your soul."

SouWork LLC has a broad purpose of centering equity and justice in the fields on environmentalism/climate change, public health, gender justice, and economic justice, as well as advancing racial justice. Specifically, we provide support on equity based strategic planning, facilitating community led consultative processes, program design, monitoring and evaluation, research and policy analysis, accompanied program implementation, and beyond.

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Gender Justice


Public Health


Racial Justice


economic Justice


Environment/Climate Change

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Content Areas

  • Racial Justice
  • Gender Justice
  • Environmental/Climate Justice
  • Energy Policy
  • Utilities/Regulatory Systems
  • International/Global Affairs
  • Community Economic Development
  • Food Justice
  • Public Health
  • Land/Housing Justice
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Disaster Equity
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Adaptation/Resilience Planning
  • Labor/Workers’ Rights
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Water Justice
  • Climate Finance


  • Equity Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Outreach/Organizing
  • Facilitation
  • Community Based Participatory Research
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Research and Policy Analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Political Education
  • Board Development
  • Cultural Competency
  • Global Policy and Programming
  • Fundraising/Proposal Development
  • Popular Education
  • Public/Inspirational Speaking
  • Corporate Accountability/ESG
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Jacqui Patterson, Seasoned social justice practitioner, advocate, and activist with over two decade’s worth of experience in the fields of environmental and climate justice, public health, gender and racial justice, and blending all in analysis and programming rooted in intersectionality. Extensive background in developing strategic frameworks and policies across multiple issue and practice areas with strong emphasis on human rights and environmental sustainability. Strong research and policy analysis as well as development of practical action guides rooted in a transformational theory of change. Proven track record in anchoring multisector initiatives with key stakeholders, led by frontline communities and including NGOs, philanthropy, federal, state, and local government, corporate entities, and beyond to center equity and justice in policies, programming and practices.


  • American Society of Adaptation Professionals, Board Member

  • Environmental Justice Movement Fellowship, Advisory Group Member

  • Equitable Building Electrification Fund, Governance Assembly Member

  • Hive Fund for Gender and Climate Justice, Advisory Board Member

  • Institute of the Black World, Board Member

  • Just Solutions Collective, Board Member

  • Mosaic Governance Assembly, Member

  • Movement Strategy Center, Board Member

  • National Black Environmental Justice Network, Steering Committee Member

  • National Black Workers Center Project, Board Member

  • William Averett Anderson Fund, Board Member

  • Women of Color United, Co- Founder and Convener

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Under Jacqui’s leadership, the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program achieved the following outcomes:
  • 1000+ leaders engaged in climate action at federal, state, and local levels
  • 250+ equity based local, city, state, and regional climate action plans developed from community level visioning and planning sessions
  • 170+ city state and national actions resulting in the integration of equity in environment/climate related policies
  • 144+ policies and practices enacted addressing fossil fuel infrastructure, advancing energy efficiency and clean energy and promoting livable communities.
More details can be found in the following reports:

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